Special Chapter: Shared Pleasure 4


Note: Refer to Chapter 84

Another Note: R-18+ and Hetero


After tending to Ashfon and Alstroemeria’s injuries from their clash, I head back to my room to continue my research and self-study. As one of the Royal Guards, especially the one that rules over magic inside the castle, I cannot show any signs of laziness or even slight tardiness. No, I just simply love magic to the core.

Even if my Arcana magic has been sealed and only usable to an extent, magic is my life and something I’ll always want to be with.

Through it, one can learn about the culture of the people whom that magic originated. For example, the dragons can use ancient magic, however, not generally all dragons can use the same type of ancient magic.

It would depend on the type of dragons and what clan they came from. For example, the four horned dragons can use buff spells and these types of dragons have higher magic resistance but they are slow and incapable of flight. The four-horned dragon buffs come from buffing their self up to their environment where they can intensify a certain condition.

Two horned dragons are the most flexible as they have four legs and wings. They generally have high magic power but their magic resistance is lower than the four horned dragons. These types of dragons are specialized in ancient magic that controls temperament and life force.

The clan divides each dragon by the color of their scales. Coincidentally, black dragons are those who specialized in physical combat and white dragons are expert in mastering magic. Red dragons are those who are adept at both physical and magical but not to the extent where they are masters of both. Green dragons are those who excel in resisting magical attacks and in return, experts in magic. Blue dragons are the polar opposite of the green dragons, has a strong physical defense and expert in combat.

There are much more to discuss about dragons and their magic. Mrothgir is a special case since he is a dragon that lived for millenniums. He already learned and improved magic through repeated research and experiences.

Also, there’s a different kind of magic division depending on the race. For example, the beast kin has the same list of known magic by the book and divided accordingly in the universal rule but their leveling and naming of each magic distinction and intensity is entirely different.

Their magic is divided by accordingly; beginner level, intermediate level, adept level, professional level and lastly, scholar level.

Our magic system is arranged by a numerical value from one to five.

One or beginner level are magic that can be used basically by everyone who has an aptitude. The magic in this scope is all basic magic that is only useful for daily life such as making a tinder, spark, creating a gentle wind that can only sway a leaf and much more.

Two or intermediate level are magic that can be used for simple magic attack. It is also useful for hunting animals and a simple attack magic in normal combat such as fireball, shock bolt, wind blade and much more that can be used for a one on one battle.

Three or intermediate level are magic that used in war. It is a level of magic that one could incinerate a platoon. Such magic that could cast by magicians who have studied for a long time and such magic includes fire blast, earth pillar, boulder drop, and much more.

Four or professional level are magic that proves one’s worth in the field magic. The people who’ve reached this level can now make elemental runes and can specialize in elemental alchemy and can also start their own research for their own original magic which can either be a compound or non-compound magic. Such magicians are rare and as the study of magic is laborious than anyone could imagine.

Five or scholar level are the magic which we also call disaster magic. It is the kind of magic that one is forbidden to use unless there is viable reason. These are the kind of magic that could eliminate a town or even a small city. With this level magic, one can cast calamities such as typhoon, earthquake, eruption and more magic pertaining to the natural calamity which greatly uses the force of nature.

Speaking of, compounded and non-compounded magic is basics of basic for a magician. Compounded magic is a mixture of two or more element that could produce a devastating attack without coming from its magic level scope. It is the kind of magic that one could mix fire and wind, earth and water, and even light and dark.

Non-compounded magic is magic that are one elemental spell and an only single one, a stand-alone spell. Magicians who study this magic are limited as one could not yield a result with all element laid out in textbooks.

Also, there is a term call null magic. It is not popular and it is rarely mentioned in books. Null Magic is magic that directly involves magic manipulation, for example, barrier, flight magic, healing magic and anything that doesn’t involve any elements.

These magic are defined as one—Hyaah?!

A hand suddenly fondles my breasts from behind. I angrily turn my head to the perpetrator and unquestionably, I saw him, Mrothgir, with a perverted grin, plastered all over his face.



“Mrothgir, what the hell are you up to?!”

“Relax. I just simply missed these soft cuddly breasts of yours.”

“This is not the time for your perverted antics! Cease it at once!”

“How I missed you, Violetta. Don’t you feel the same?”

“I-I miss you too but…this is not the time.”

“It’s already night time and we are alone in your room. Isn’t this the perfect opportunity for us to make up for the lost time?”

“Stop fooling around!”



I try to shake Mrothgir off but his current strength far surpasses mine so my struggle is futile. His face with black murky eyes and black messy hair comes to my view. His nostalgic white scale under his jaw and the cat-like slit on his irises feels so nostalgic.

Without any further resistance, Mrothgir’s tongue crawls to my left earlobe and licks its outline.




“I miss this…your frantic voice…”

“Stop…not there!”



As he finished attacking my ear, he traces his tongue from the back of my ear to my jaw. As he does this, his hand plays with my breasts with a gentle pinch in my now erect nipples. He pushes his boner against my butt as he continues his assault.

Each stroke and teasing send electricity throughout my body and my hand can no longer fight back from his continuous teasing. As I slowly lose my strength in my body, I place my arms on the table full of books and research papers.



“You…hnghh…always do this when we…ahhn…were together!!”

“And as ever, you always lose focus of your environment when you start thinking deep. This is your fault in the first place for letting your guard down.”


“Your body can’t resist.”



As he said so, he nibbles the tip of my ears and pinches my nipple with a little strength. My mind feels like melting and my body tenses up. Mrothgir’s teasing sent shivers to my crotch and pleasure overpowered my mind that I cannot stop my mouth from drooling.






My body misses Mrothgir so much that my resistance to such foreplay becomes zero. Usually, it would take more than that to make me climax.

My body drops flat on the table that some of the books and papers fell. My breathing becomes labored and my body twitches from the intense foreplay.

This bastard…he still knows where my weak points are.




Mrothgir’s hand went under my skirt and touches my drenched underwear. His fingers trace over my wet pussy and gently pokes the entrance playfully. Such actions made a sloppy wet noise that even I become embarrassed.



“You easily came. Your odor when you climax…it is still a refreshing scent for my nose.”

“A-As always…you say…stupid stuff…like this…”

“Because you’re simply so erotic and lewd, Violetta. It’s been so long since I’ve touched you like this again. You know me too, right, I won’t simply stop now.”

“How did…it ended up like this…?”

“Who knows? Well, just simply lay down like that.”



As my body shivers from my previous climax, Mrothgir proceeded to his next evil plan.

He lifts my skirt up and exposes my rear. He frantically removes my…my…panties fashioned…with a garter belt.



“Even what you wear under the clothes is erotic. You black frilled panties are cute together with the garter belt. Even the thigh highs stimulated me further. Also, as soon as I brought your panties down, the scent of a woman in heat penetrates my nostrils. Are you perhaps expecting this?”

“No…! I don’t…! Don’t describe…what I wear…in details!”

“Also, you’re wet enough so I don’t see any point of further foreplay but just in case, I’ll have a taste first.”

“Hyaaan! Kuh…Ahhnn!!”



Mrothgir’s mouth dives right into my exposed crotch. His tongue moves in and out of my pussy while licking the outside. His lips touch my lips down there and he even made a slurping wet sloppy sound as his tongue violated my insides.

Once again, my mind becomes muddy and my body convulses many times. My legs clamps close with his head in the middle as my body cannot resist the next climax. I grit my teeth as the sensation boldly takes over my reasoning. I am already drenched in my own sweat and now, my crotch is even sloppier and wetter.

With one final blow from Mrothgir’s incredible tongue movement, my pussy started squirting all over his face. My legs once again lost its strength and Mrothgir supported it for me.



“Ahhh…ckkkhnn…ggnnnnhhh! Hnnggggakkkcc…!”



After a dozen of seconds, my squirting ended and my mind was able to return my sanity. I breathe faster than ever as the surge of pleasure tires me. My whole body is now resting at my study table with drools and sweats.

My mind was able to catch up and it suddenly struck me that I squirted all over Mrothgir’s face. Now I am totally ashamed!

I bury my face in my arms and I feel like sobbing from what I’ve done.



“What’s wrong, Violetta? Did it hurt?”

“N-No…! Don’t look! Turn around! Look away!”

“About that? I am really happy you know. There’s no need to hide your face.”


“Come, show it to me.”



Mrothgir gently lifts my face from my arms. I could not defy him anymore and obediently showed my face. I cannot look at him in the eyes from so much embarrassment that I feel like my cheeks are burning.




“Guh! If you show me such face, I won’t be able to hold back my two hundred years of carnal desire!!”




Mrothgir, in haste, removes some books and paper off the table. He lifted me up and lays me down right in the said table. If I glance left and right, books and papers fill the table. If I look forward, Mrothgir’s face beholds me. My heart beats faster than ever as I saw the face of my beloved filled with lust for me and only for me at this moment.

He frantically opens my dress without even minding if he broke some buttons or not. He lifted my bra above my breasts exposing my erect nipples. He opened the dress and remove the skirt I am wearing and threw it aside. With my cloak and underclothes still on, from my neck to my crotch is exposed, wet and stinking with sweat.



“Arrghh! This sight of Violetta! Violetta! I love you, Violetta! I want you! I really want you! You’re so beautiful and erotic!”

“Compliment me more…”

“I can’t anymore! I can’t find any more words to describe you! Your flushed face, you ragged breathing, your wet and curvaceous body, I can’t take it anymore!”



Mrothgir unzips his pants and immediately drops his trouser. The smell of precum and such immediately enters my nose. It has the weirdest smell…but it was so arousing just by smelling and looking at it that my heart started pounding faster than ever.

I want that! I wanted it so badly!

Mrothgir’s cock is entirely different than a human’s one. The skin is peeled all the way to the back and from the tip of its shaft and the membrane is red and full of veins. It has a different shape than a normal dick as the tip of his penis is slightly pointed.

However, I don’t mind. I’ve seen this countless of time and being separated from Mrothgir for two hundred years, I can’t help not to yearn for the cock!







He started rubbing the body of his membrane to my pussy. His cock is so meaty and big that one would say that it won’t fit inside me even though my body is already an adult.

He keeps rubbing and rubbing it to my pussy without putting it inside. My pussy tingles so much, my head is going blank, I am beginning to become frantic as I saw the membrane that I yearn doesn’t go inside me.




“What? What could it be?”

“Stop teasing me already! Aren’t you at your limit too?”

“I am but, I want you to say it.”

“Mrothgir…! Ram your cock inside my pussy! Make a living mess out of me!”

“Hell yeah! My dick is about to explode too!”



Mrothgir’s cock pry open my pussy and slowly enters my vagina. As the tip of his cock slowly makes its way, he suddenly rams it all the way.






My back arches with the sudden penetration! My body immediately climaxes as he rams it mercilessly up to my cervix. My hand found its way to Mrothgir’s arm and grab hold of it as my body once again convulses in the pleasure.

My mind passes out momentarily as my body keeps climaxing. When I regain my consciousness, I found myself having difficulty in breathing, my hips do not have an ounce of strength left and my hand locked with his.

I make a frown at the grinning Mrothgir like I fell in one of his pranks.



“You came suddenly.”


“Ahahaha…my dick…feels so good…you’re clamping it tightly and I feel like it is going to melt. I might cum any seconds now.”

“Damn you! Hold it for now! And also, be a little gentler. You’re the only man that has penetrated me. My sexual experience only revolves around girls because I don’t want any other men besides you.”

“Ahh…What…?! That’s…I am…so happy!”




Mrothgir’s lips came to mine. He forces his tongue inside my mouth and since I don’t have any reasons not to accept it, I also stick my tongue out. We begin smacking and licking each other’s lips and tongue passionately while his dick is deeply buried to my vagina.

We sloppily, aggressively, and passionately exchanges fluids while holding hands with racing hearts. Our mind loses its reasoning and we continue the sensual exchange until Mrothgir moves his hips again slowly.

He pulls his dick up to the tip before putting it inside again up onto the base which the tip of his dick kisses my cervix and further pressing it. Every single time he does so, my body feels hot and good while we keep our kiss going.

Then, our lips parted with a string of saliva. His eyes romantically gaze mine with lovestruck face and without any mirror to see, I know that my face is the same. The movement of his hip changes from a steady thrusting position to a spooning one. His dick scrapes my inside and my body felt the surge of pleasure from feeling too much good.

He knows well where I want it and does so good at it.



“Mrothgir! Yes! That’s the spot!”

“Does it feel good when I do this?”

“Yes! Do it more!”

“I’m going rougher okay?”




He kept the same movement while rubbing the walls of my vagina. With increasing excitement, Mrothgir’s spooning goes deeper and deeper and I can feel my belly bulging each time he moves his dick upwards.



“Ahn! Deeper…there…it’s hitting my womb even further. More…More!”

“You don’t have to say it. I am going to make you cum so many times that you’ll pass out!”

“Yes…Yes! Please, Mrothgir!”

“Do you want it from behind now?”

“Eh…?! No…I want to see your face. If we do it like that, then I won’t be able to remember your face when you cum inside me…!”

“Ahh…so you really want it inside?”



“Ahnnn! Acckk! You’re…! getting larger again!”

“Damn! You’re so damn erotic! I am going to fill your womb with my semen!!”



He then violently thrusts. This time, I try to hold out and climax at the same time as him. I flail my hips and match the rhythm of his movements.

Going in…going out…going in…going out.



“Kuhh..! Ah…Haa…Haa..!”

“Ahhnn! Ahh! Ahh! Ngghh! Ahhh!”



Our moans reverberate the room as our hips body moves in unison. Faster, rougher, hotter…our body collides repeatedly that my mind started melting. I am becoming an idiot. I can only think of Mrothgir…I can only think I good I feel right now and how I want more of his thrusts.

Then, my hips got tired but Mrothgir’s movement becomes faster and violent. His dick got larger again inside of me and it feels incredible good but I feel so full at the same time.



“Haaa…Haa! Violetta…! Violetta! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum inside you and fill you to brim!”

“Ahhn! Ahh! Do..! Ahh! Do it!! Ahh…nn…do fill me!! Haaa…! Hnngggh! Mrothgir!!”

“Violetta! I love you! I love you so much! Bear my child! Bear my child!!!”’

“Give it to me! Ahh! AHHH!



With one final wide stroke, with one final thrust, Mrothgir deeply lodges the tip of his dick to my cervix like it wants to break in.

Hot…Hot warm fluid gushes inside me…

I immediately felt that my womb is filled with his cum and it overflows out of my pussy. Because of so much cum being pumped inside of me, my body arches and convulses non-stop as he cum. It even spilled over the floor like a waterfall, squirting, and flooding.

I temporarily lost the ability to breathe and to think as pleasure overloads my mind. I can’t think straight anymore. My body froze into what seems like an eternal wave of pleasure as Mrothgir’s huge dick pumps out so much.

What feels like eternal came to an end…

With his dick still lodged inside of me, Mrothgir once again looks at me in the eyes. I look back and saw his face flushed with excitement and afterglow of our intense sex. His lips once again find its way to mine and I fully accepted it like it is my property. With a simple kiss…we parted again…



“That…felt so good…Violetta…”

“Haa…Haa…I can’t…feel my legs…idiot. I feel so numb…except for my vagina where your cock is still inside, throbbing with vigor yet again…”

“Sex with you…never gets tiring.”

“I’m…sweaty and dirty…do you want…to take a bath?”



I smile at Mrothgir as I mention the bath. I have my own bathroom in my room. It is spacious and several people can use it. Mrothgir immediately got the hint.



“Bath it is! Let’s go!”



He carried my body with his cock still lodged inside of me…

I can’t believe this man…


After that, we had sex until morning…


Special Chapter: Shared Pleasure 3


Content Warning: 18+ and Hetero

Refer to Chapter 24 of Blooming Thorn to know where this came from.



I left Priscilla and the others…

But my problem now is that… I am getting sleepy. I guess I chose the wrong time of the day and now, I am regretting the decision. My eyes are in the verge of closing and there’s a huge chance that I will fall down and sleep.

In the horizon, I saw a town. It’s a small but lively town as people come and go from the gate. Its wall is built on brick and there seems to be sufficient guards that assure the safety of the citizens.

Abundant forest surrounds the town and that greenery are used to picked for fruits and animals inside the forest are also used for food provision. There are also adventurers that come and go in the said gate and they seem to get along with the civilians.

According to Priscilla, this seems to be the Town of Breant.

I stop from my mini warping travel and use my legs and feet in walking since I don’t want to garner any attentions since it would troublesome to deal with curious people. It is also a possible way to disturb my sleep so I shall refrain from showing my magic to anyone.

Walking my way to the town, the guard in post halts me.



“Excuse me sir, please show me your identification card.”


“Sir, are you perhaps a noble?”

“Why would you…assume that…?”

“Well, you are well dressed for a commoner although it is a bit weird. Also, the feature of your face is above the rest.”

“What does…that has to do…with my identification?”

“Ah, sorry! Please show it to me.”

“I don’t…have…”

“Why? Did something happen on the way?”

“I think…I lost it…”

“You lost it? Is that all?”

“Yes…there’s no more into it.”


“What’s wrong…?”

“I’m sorry sir. It is just that…your reason for not having one is so plain and simple that I can’t brand you as someone suspicious.”

“I’d like…to procure one then…”

“Eh? Right this instant?”

“Yeah…although it’s bothersome…I’ll get one…”

“I knew it. You must be a noble going into an incognito!”

“Think what you want…”

“Then please, let me accompany you. Where do you want to have your identification card made, in adventurer guild or in commerce guild? We could also have you registered as a normal civilian in the Town hall.”

“Which is closer to the best inn?”

“The adventurer guild.”

‘Then we go to the adventurer guild.”

“Of course!”



With that said, another guard takes his post and he led the way. The town has normal looking houses made of wood and bricks. The chimneys erected in some houses are appealing and the scenery of flowers being water brilliantly sparkles.

The town folks are smiling as I direct my sight to them. Young and old, male or female, a relaxing smile is plastered all over their faces. The road isn’t exactly paved but it is built with rounded rocks made to fit beside each other.

The light sound made by footsteps of the people walking around and doing their own businesses and jobs gives a calm and charming atmosphere. Even the clanking armors of the guard the leads me to the adventurer guild sounds so calming.


This is the perfect mood for me to sleep…

Even the weather agrees to my desire as warm wind and the sun shines meekly at me that make a perfect warm temperature.



“Ah..! Sir! Please don’t sleep in the way of the pedestrian!”




Before I knew it, I landed instantly on the ground and was about to enter dreamland. The guard immediately reprimands me and assists me to get up.



“I am terribly sorry Sir. It’s very insensitive of me not to notice that you are tired!”

“It’s fine…just…lead me…so…over…it…guild…”

“Sir, your words are trailing off.”







“I would like to…register…”

“Y-Yes… would you like an explanation about that adve–!”

“No…need…just…write those explanations…for me to read…later…”

“T-Then…if you may…please write your name and…”


“Please answer each question and I shall write them for you, sir!”




This receptionist…

She also thought that I am a noble and nervously smiles at me. Maybe because she finds me extremely lethargic, she took the initiative to take over the writing of my information for me. I like how considerate she is.

The brawny and brute looking adventurers didn’t dare to approach me as the guard that escorted me watches over.








“Hero…not…I mean…civilian…”

“Yeah…then…the magic you specialized in.”


“Yes, we need to be informed of what you are capable of. With this information, if there are any incidents involving adventurers, we can immediately narrow it down with these information to track the adventurers.”

“Ah…then…enhancement magic…”



“Oh…ah…it just that…I figured that you would be more of a magician type. You have such a delicate and tall handsome figure.”


“Well then, I shall process your adventurer identification card. You may acquire it later or do you want it to be sent to the inn you are going to stay?”

“Yes…please do. Also…isn’t there any payment?”

“Oh…none at all! Please just do a commission for us.”

I guess…I’ll take my leave…”

“Yeah…please take care. Also, ummm…Sir Susanoo.”


“You may have seen other races mingling with us but that is perfectly acceptable for everyone. That only problem is troublemakers appear from time to time.”

“What…do you mean?”

“Um…A demon race…from the succubus clan hides in this town currently and we are doing our best to track her down.”

“Don’t worry…about me…”

“It’s just a warning.”

“I’m going now…bye.”



As I turn my heels towards the exit, the guard on standby immediately makes his way to me. With a smile, he then leads me to the inn which is several meters away from the adventurer guild…

Well done…unnamed guard…



“Well then Sir, I’ll be departing from here. I need to return to my post so please, take care.”

“Yes…thank you…”

“I’ll come to check on you later if you don’t mind.”

“Ah…then…why don’t you bring my adventurer identification card too?”

“Ah, okay.”

“Thank you…I’ll treat you…later to something…”



The guard left with a thankful smile.

As for the sleepy me, I head towards inside the inn.





“I’ll have your best room with the best bed!”



“Ah, yes!”



The inn receptionist panics from my sudden request but was able to plaster a professional smile towards me. The interior of the inn is decorated with plants and flowers. Behind me is the diner and there’s a stair the leads toward the rooms.

I feel like the atmosphere is that a coffee shop with people eating breakfast and sipping coffee.

There are only a few people that sit in the tables. One of them catches my attention.

A woman that wears thick clothing and that composes of brown long robe and beneath it is a long plain skirt. Her eyes are peering at me under the hood as she delicately sips her tea.

She uses magic to hide it but it is clear as day to me that she is clearly not a human. She is the rumored succubus. I don’t care…I want to sleep…

The receptionist came back and takes me to my room as I left my payment…





“Thank you…”

“Please come down to the reception desk if you have any worries or requests.”



She left…

I immediately dive into the bed.

The sheet is clean and white and it smells like the fabric softener. The bed isn’t that luxurious but it is soft enough to summon my desire to slumber deep.

My mind slowly sinks into nothingness…




Give me a break…

As I peer slightly at the door, the succubus stands at the doorway. She quietly closes it and put a seal in it as she touches the handle. The magic she was holding back earlier suddenly enveloped the whole room.



“Good morning!~”

“Get out…”

“Don’t be so cold!~ Do you want to have a fun time with me?~ I’ll make you feel good!~ Don’t hold back, okay?”


“Why? It’s a waste! My motive should be clear as day and my magic should be taking effect now. You’re so handsome that I just have to taste your seed!~”

“Seed, huh…”



She takes off her robe and the succulent and glossy blond hair falls off. Her beautiful feature with sharp orange eyes stares seductively at me. Her white ephemeral skin was further shown as she strips more of her clothes.

In her head, horns the curve upward is shown and her wings flaps and her thin tail sway.

Her bountiful breasts are bare in front of me and her smooth and her visible wet hairless crotch enters my sight.



“Ahh! You’re so handsome that I immediately got wet staring at your face!”


“By the way, I am Tilea. Your name is Susanoo, right? I saw it in the log book!~”



She moves the whole situation at her own pace. She keeps talking and talking while she touches herself and got on top of me.

I couldn’t careless… I just want to sleep but I can’t. She’s racking the bed which made it a bit uncomfortable. Also, the magic she keeps releasing is annoying that it kept me awake a little.



“Now, show me your meat rod!~”



The succubus, Tilea, promptly unfasten my belt to completely strip me off of my pants. She frantically removes it like she is already ravishing it with her stare alone. Her breathing is labored with flushed face as she anticipates the next action she wants to do in her mind.



“Here it is…wait…”



She stops from her track upon realizing it…



“Why aren’t you hard yet?!”

“Who knows…maybe my desire to sleep…is stronger than my desire to copulate.”

“That’s impossible! I have been releasing my pheromones since entering this room! I can even make a normal woman sway for me!”

“Well…I don’t care…get out if you are satisfied.”

“No! I am going to make it hard in no time!~”

“Good luck…”



She starts licking and stroking it. She swirls her tongue over and over it. She drenches it from the tip to base. She even started licking my balls as she aggressively massage and caresses me. She even playfully peels the skin back and forth.

I just lie in the bed with nothing else in my mind but to sleep.

As five minutes of licking, stroking and forced foreplay has passed, her movement becomes more aggressive and her magic becomes more intense.

It’s not that I am not feeling any pleasure from it but, before my desire to stir ups, my mind dismisses it as troublesome act and my subconscious immediately shoot it down. I appreciate her effort but I don’t think her magic is even affecting me.

Another five minutes has passed…



“Why?! Why aren’t you getting aroused at all?! You’re hurting my pride as a succubus! Are you gay?! Is that it?! Even uninterested men would be instantly fall in love with me and my charms!”

“You’re beautiful…”

“Then why?!”

“The bed is far more appealing to me…”

“I lost to a bed?!”


“What’s wrong with you?!”

“Hmm? I’m normal…”

“Don’t mess with me! Ten minutes has already passed but there aren’t any indication of your membrane standing up!”

“Is it really has…to be me? It’s…a hassle…”

“Your eyes even look so bored! What the hell! I just wanted to taste you, you know! I am not stopping unless I do! Also, all those futile foreplay got me hungrier so I can’t back down now!”


“We succubus can eat normal foods but semen is the best after all! I want to eat your semen!”

“I see…then…I guess…I can give you what you want…”

“Really?! Wait…you pity me?!”

“How shameless…I am going to turn on my own switch so you better prepare yourself…”

“Oh? You dare mock a succubus!?”



I turn off my power saving mode and let loose my secondary instinct which is sexual appetite. By the way, my primary instinct is sleep.

I purposely let my cock get hard.




“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“Isn’t this…a bit too big?”

“We are going to see this through until the end.”

“Wait…! It…was larger and thicker than I expected…wait…wait! That would definitely break me and stir up my insides!”

“You’re a succubus, right? Suck it up. I am going to do my job…but…you have to work hard because…well…you’ll see it for yourself.”



I pull Tilea around and lay her on the bed. I immediately turn around the position and take the stance of the dominant one. Since my mentor in assassination taught me about this, I should put that knowledge to test once in a while so it won’t get rusty.



“Wait, wait! I’m sorry! Can we at least take this a bit slow?!”

“No can do…”

“If it comes to this then I won’t also hold back! I’ll have you ejaculating like a waterfall!”



I plunges my cock into her throbbing pussy. It has some resistance because it is a bit small for me but the tip is able to touch with the entrance of her womb without any problem. As my cock touches her womb, it tightens again.



“Ahhhnnn!~ It’s…in! My…pussy…swallowed your thick and long cock!”

“I’ll start moving…”

“Yes! Rubbed it inside of me! Stir it and mess me up! Then blow your load inside me! Let me feel your warmth!!”



I aggressively thrust my hips and it made loud slopping wet noises. Each thrust will make her moan. I grab her by the waist and carry her body to mine and move her up and down. My cock pushes her womb further.



“NHHaahnnGHHHH! It’s…Ahhnnn!! Too much!”


“HyaaHhhhHH!? WhattT?!”

“I can do this without ejaculating for hours.”


“Expect great things.”





One hour has already passed since we started mating.



“Keep pounding! You’ll see! You are going to blow your load inside me sooner or later!”


“AHHnnn!! Don’t grab my tail! Guuhhh..! HyaannnNN!”

“That is your fifteenth times now.”

“I came…yeah..but…HyaahHH! You’re at your limit too, right?!”




The position that I perform constantly changes whenever she came. Some positions are repeated but with faster or slower tempo. I began stroking and caressing her body. The part that I like touching the most is her tail as she is sensitive there, especially the tip.

The bed becomes drenched far long ago but I keep moving my hips and thrusting her. I make sure she doesn’t feel any pain but only pleasure. She started feeling pleasure from my simple touch in her breasts, in her waists, on her back, and in her nape.

Since I am doing as I please, I didn’t stop her from kissing me passionately. In return, I also shared a good and warm sensual kiss with her.





Three hours has already passed since we started mating.

I am still thrusting my hips as she cries in the bed as the overflowing pleasure continues to attack her. Strength has long past left her body and she can only lean on my body or sit in my lap as I continuously changes position.

I don’t know how many times she came but I still keep thrusting at her pussy tirelessly.

Right now, she is clasping at the sheet of the bed as I spoon my cock upward that completely stimulates her whole body. She grits her teeth as her legs trembled from tiredness. Her whole body is already drenched with her own sweat and juices.



“Cum…Please cum! I can’t take it anymore! Please, blow it inside me! Please! I am so hungry!”

“I can still go on.”

“No, please don’t! I can’t feel my legs anymore!”

“Is that how you beg for something?”

“Ahnn!~ I am dying! Please…! I can’t even lift my own body!”

“Like I told you, is that how you beg for something? Bad girl…it seems you need to be educated well…”



I lift her body again into my embrace and pounds again with delicate strokes. I grab her tail and starts licking it.



“Noo…! HyaaannNN! Stop…! AhhnnNN!!”

“This is what you want, right? I am simply giving my best. Now you want me to stop? Aren’t you being too unreasonable?”

“Noo!! HYaahh! Hnnggghh! Not like this…!”

“I told you…the way you beg isn’t satisfying.”



I tirelessly thrust my hips. Three hours has already passed and her pussy is still tight like it is really trying to make me ejaculate. Her body is so warm and her arousal kept getting renewed because of my tireless stimulation.





Five hours has passed since we started mating.



“Master…! Hnnggghh! Ahhhnnn! My Master! Please…~ Give it to me…!”

“A little longer…”

“My Master…! My Master…! Please…give it to me! I am sorry…! Please…fill me up!”

“Good girl. You already know your place.”

“Yay!~ Thank you…! My Master is…Ahnnn! so nice!”



I move her body up and down as her back leans to my body. She starts begging and tearing up a little earlier and it seems her mind somewhat regresses into a much younger state. She also started calling me master.

But I guess it is not enough…

I lay her back into the bed and pull out my cock.



“M-My Master?!”


“Why?! Aren’t you going to blow it inside me?!”

“I am having a second thought about it.”


“Then…I’ll give you your deepest desire.”



I once again plunges my lively cock to her pussy.




“Here it comes.”



I swing my hips aggressively with a really fast paced. Her moans reverberate throughout the room and her juices slops all over the place. Her repeated climax from before becomes more intense as her body anticipates my seed.

Her eyes are staring passionately at me with such moist, flushed cheeks that tell that she is madly in love and her quivering body that is trying to hold out for me.  She drools as I pounds at her for the last spurt and she holds her hand in her chest in excitement.



“Here, take it all…”




At my final and long thrust, the seed that she is anticipating explodes in her womb.



“AHHhnnnhnnHnnngggghHHH! Ah…Ahhh..AHaaAA…!”



Her back arches as I fired my load deep inside her. Her belly bulges a little and my seed overflows from her pussy that I made everything messier. Her face is on the verge of going crazy and extreme pleasure. Her hip flails a little towards my body.

It seems we both climaxed.



“Thank you…My Master…please…hold me…I can’t have anyone else other than you…My Master…”

“Such greedy girl…I am about to sleep to so I’ll let you have your way.”



I lie down beside her and pull her body closer to me. It seems she lost consciousness and I guess she won’t be waking up for the next day.



“My Master…please…take me with you…”



I should get out of here before she wakes up.

Special Chapter: Shared Pleasure 2

R 18+

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Miss Priscilla told us that if we don’t work, we don’t get to eat. That is that kind of rule she set for me and Hibiscus. At first, I tried putting up an air of arrogance towards her but that ego immediately deflated.

Miss Priscilla is the epitome or even the embodiment of nobility and refinement. It didn’t even take me five seconds to realize how high and mighty she is. My façade faltered without abandon and I recognize her as someone superior.

We now serve at the Dragon Capital Mujinn as apprentice maid for Miss Priscilla, a hero summoned from another world together with ten more of them. We are to stay by her side and do everything to her bidding.

Today, Hibiscus and I accompany Miss Priscilla with cooking dinner and she herself prepares the main dish. She gracefully and accurately orders every cook and their assistant.

We were told that as soon as Miss Priscilla and her companions arrive, there were drastic changes in the castle and how the servants and staff act. Even the nobles and high ranking officials seem to see her as an authority figure.

Together with her meticulous, stern attitude and magical power that seems so abnormal that it will instill fear to those who violates her ground rules. Her stares made the Dragon King shrink into his throne.

Anyway, Miss Priscilla’s is cooking and cutting vegetables and meat with a dexterity that too fast and precise that it even made me question her claim that she is nothing but a normal humble maid.

Since we are done with the task she gave us for today, we are not doing anything and we just follow her around and try to learn from her. She is patient and kind with me and Hibiscus even though we aren’t that efficient to be with.

“Miss Priscilla, may I ask what are you cooking?”

“ Oh my, it’s a seasoned turtle soup dashed with herbs that are rare in this part of the continent. It actually took me quite a time to acquire both this exquisite and rare turtle and this herb called Hori.”

“Smells so delicious, right, Hibiscus?”

“Yes, Casablanca!”

“Oh my, unfortunately, I cannot let the two of you eat something like this. Although I did everything I could to shave down the aphrodisiac effect that it contains, I cannot guarantee that it won’t have any effect on children.”

“Aphrodisiac effect? What is that Miss Priscilla?”

“I want to know too Miss Priscilla.”

“It’s a substance that increases libido and sexual appetite. It is a substance that activates a certain hormone inside our body and causes one’s body to burn up. Also, it is a good consumable in certain season such as winter.”

“Ahh…I’m sorry. Miss Priscilla, that’s too complicated…”

“Uwaah…! It just shows how smart Miss Priscilla is!”

“Now now, this is just normal for a humble maid like me. Go on now, you two are dismissed for today. Be sure to do the assignment that I gave you and I will check it first thing in the morning. I shall do the arrangement in the dining hall and bring suitable nutritional and balanced food in your room.”

Miss Priscilla deactivated the fire rune under the pot and gracefully carries it to the prep table. She then heads to scoop a stack of plates from the washer and carries it all at the same time and head towards the dining hall without missing a beat.

“Let’s go Casablanca.”

“Wait Hibiscus! I…”


“I want to taste this…”

“That’s not good Casablanca! Miss Priscilla will scold you!”

“J-Just a bit! Please…! Hibiscus!”




“Well…If you really want to but…I am going to have a taste too!”

“You’re interested after all!”

“Well…I don’t think she won’t find out if we taste a bit… Also, so you won’t get scolded alone.”

“I love you Hibiscus!”


I hurriedly fetch a small plate and a pair of a spoon. After that, I brought a stool in front of the large cooking pot where the soup deliciously lays. I promptly grab the ladle and carefully scoop up some meat into the small plate.

I carefully put the ladle back and bring the plate to Hibiscus.

“Here! Let’s both have a taste!”

“Okay! I feel excited!”

We spoon the meat that leaks delicious and glittering juices. As we part the meat into two, the strong aromatic smell explodes and it further agitated our appetite. I can feel drool flooding my mouth and I guess Hibiscus is the same.

I can’t wait anymore, I shove the whole spoon in my mouth even though it is bad manners!

As I plunge the meat in my mouth and bites it, flavor immediately gushes out from the meat itself and covers my whole mouth with strong salty sweet flavor and the aroma leaks from it that penetrated my sense of smell.

I feel like my mouth is melting from such delicacy and mind flies off somewhere. I can feel my face getting flushed and my body getting warm.

“C-Casablanca! We should leave now!”

“Ah! I was out of it?!”

“Yes…and so am I too…”

“Uwaah! Let’s go before Miss Priscilla catches us!”

Hibiscus and I run out of the kitchen.

It is something we really don’t usually do but I don’t like the feeling we have right now from such misdeed. I really hope Miss Priscilla don’t find out about it.




“Casablanca, I’ll just take a bath. How about you, do you want to bath together with me?”

“N-No…I’m fine…!”


Hibiscus enters the bath that was installed inside our own room. It’s actually quite luxurious for us even though I feel like we are just free loading. Miss Priscilla said that we will work to eat but all we did are light chores and study from lessons she herself teaches us.

There are two separated beds for each of us with a table top in the middle and some cabinets and shelves for our own personal stuff.

I said personal stuff but it was all given by Miss Priscilla as a gift. Casual and stylish clothes are stored in there but we rarely have any time to wear them but it is not a problem for the two of us.

Everyone in this place takes care of us and they always smile. The heroes are a bit eccentric but they are people we can properly have a conversation with.

But right now…

Right now!

My body is burning up!

The reason I didn’t go with Hibiscus inside the bath is because she might get worried if she saw me in this state.

Did I catch a cold?

Doesn’t seem like it.

Also, my heart is pounding like crazy and as soon as Hibiscus left, my body starts to sweat so much that the pajama I am wearing is getting drench and it clings to the fabric.

What should I do?!

Ah… geez!


My crotch…?

It starts to get hot and uncomfortable…



It’s getting unbearable! I have to do something or I will go crazy!

I take off my lower pajamas and left with the top. I touch my underwear and I notice that it is so wet and warm.


What is this?! Am I sick or something?!

I pull my panties down and worriedly check my crotch. I hope it is not a disease, infection or something!

At first, I just dab dry cloth to clear the wetness but after a while, it comes back and the itching doesn’t go away. My body gets hotter and I find myself panting.

What if I rub it?

I start rubbing my crotch to see if it will go away.

“Hyaah! Hnnngghh!?”

What was that?!

My lips just let out a weird scream as I stroke my crotch. Jolt immediately runs throughout my body and I slightly jerk from such sensation. It kind of scary but my body is asking for more so it’s kind of confusing but exciting.

It…felt so good…

I think…I’ll keep rubbing it…


“Hnngghh! Ahh….Nyaah!”

I softly bit my lips and starts caressing my breasts with my left hand while my right hand is occupied caressing my crotch. My nipples got hard and my sweat flows nonstop together with that slimy warm juices flowing out from my crotch.



It feels so good that I can’t stop my fingers from moving. My whole body trembles and I am being invaded with so much tingling sensation!

“Hngghh! Ahh…! Guh…!”

“C-Casablanca…what are you doing…?”



Hibiscus sees me doing that!

“Hibiscus!! Don’t look! Please, turn your sight away!”


“Noo! Please don’t look at me! It’s so embarrassing!”

I close my eyes to avoid looking at her face. I don’t want to see how she will react from this! What am I even doing? I don’t know but it feels so lewd and dirty!

She might hate me!

“It’s fine, Casablanca. Please open your eyes.”


I am scared to open my eyes but because Hibiscus said it was fine, then I will trust her. She is the only one who understands me and she is always there for me. How could I think that she will hate me?

As I open my eyes, what behold my sight is Hibiscus sitting at the edge of her bed with her legs parted showing her drenched crotch.

“It’s okay…I won’t let…Casablanca feels…embarrassed by herself…”

Hibiscus, my twin, reddens ear to ear as she weakly muttered those words. My chest becomes hotter and my crotch tingles again. It has gotten itchier than ever as I saw how Hibiscus imitates what I am doing.

As I started moving fingers again, she imitated me and starts rubbing her own. She exposes her bare body to me as she shyly massages her breast.

Her tanned skin complimented by her light brown nipples made me feel even funnier.

“Hyaah…Hibiscus…Guh…hngghh…how…do you feel?”

“Casablanca…hngghh…nyaaa…I feel…good…whenever I see you…it’s hot…so hot…but…Casablanca…I want to feel how hot you are too..!”

I can’t take it anymore. I want to feel even better!

I stand up from the bed that I am sitting and walk towards Hibiscus. I sit beside her while I am still touching myself. Hibiscus fiercely blushes from my approach but she takes the initiative and grabs my hand and places it in her crotch. She then places her hand which she uses in touching herself to mine.

I begin rubbing her down there and she also did the same.


“Ahhhnn! Wha—! Hnnngghh!”

“Casablanca! More…! Nyaa..! More!!”

The pleasure intensifies when Hibiscus’ hand began rubbing me and fair enough, she also felt the same.

Wet slopping noise can be heard but I don’t care what’s happening anymore. I want to feel good and I want to make Hibiscus feel good too!




As she stares at me with glittering mesmerizing eyes, my body suddenly trembles from such sight and moves my lips by reflexes towards her. Our lips smack together making an even lewder sound as we exchange saliva and licks each other’s tongue.

We kiss passionately in the heat of the moment while we keep rubbing each other.

Hibiscus is so warm and delicious!

Her crotch cutely trembles as I flick something bulging. More and more juices flow out from her crotch. Our kiss will be disturbed in a point of second because of her body jerking but she would always go back into my lips.

“Casablanca…my mind is melting…”

“I’m the same…hngggh…”

“You’re…only mine…”

“Of course…”

Hibiscus ceases to kiss me and leans my head to her shoulder. I thought that she just wanted to hug me but…


“KYaaa! NOO! Hibiscus! Stop!!! HNnnnggghhh!!! NOO!”

My body convulses because Hibiscus suddenly nibbles on my ear! She softly bites it and licks the lobes and eventually, she blows into it!

My mind is becoming fuzzy and I cannot even track what I am doing. I am surrendering to such pleasure!

Something is coming…!

“Hibiscus!!! T-There’s something!!”

“Me too…! Casablanca…! Together…? Okay…?!”

Her attacks just now didn’t feel fair so as we are both reaching something intense, I dive my mouth into her nape and starts kissing and licking it.

“Casablanca!!! Wa—!~ Hyaa!~ That’s no goo–! Ahhhnn!”

“I’m almost there…! Ahhnn!”



Our panting becomes heavier and both our movements become more intense than ever.




Intense and nonstop pleasure rained down to us as we both splashes something warm from our crotches. Slippery juices spill and the smell from our sweaty and exhausted body fills the room.

We both spasm and jerks several times before that stops and ceases leaving us barely conscious.

As it ended, my and Hibiscus’ bodies lean towards each other and landing on the bed where we both have each other in an embrace.

Our breathing is ragged and we heavily pants at each other’s faces.

I bring the hand that I used to caress Hibiscus closer to my lips and lick it.


“You tasted good…Hibiscus…you’re so warm and lovely…”

“Then…I’ll taste you too…”

She also did the same. She licks the hand that she used to caress me several times and with satisfaction on her face, she smiles at me.

I feel the warmest and happiest beside her after all.

I pull my head closer to hers and have our forehead touch. Her heat is transmitted to me and her ticklish breath brushes my drenched skin. We then pull each other closer and feel our slippery bodies gently colliding.

Our breasts brush against each other and my legs cross with hers.

She then lifts her hand shakily and brings it near my head. She picks up a portion of my hair and combs it with her fingers while showing me her delicate gentle smile.

At such sight, I couldn’t help but smile back at her.

I don’t know what we just did but we both felt good even though it feels really indecent and dirty.

While embracing each other, I feel the sleepiness seeping to our mind as her eyes becoming increasingly tired.

My mind becomes fuzzier and my eyes surrender to the exhaustion…

Nighty night…Hibiscus…

“Ehem…you two…”

Both our body suddenly froze as a familiar voice resounds the room. Our sleepiness was blown away and my mind becomes alerted, the same with Hibiscus as her eyes open wide.

Hibiscus and I lift our body together and turn to look at where the voice came from.

Miss Priscilla is standing there with a gentle smile on her face.

“Cover yourselves first.”

In a panic, Hibiscus and I immediately grabs a nearby sheet and hover it over our body for cover. Miss Priscilla moves her head from left to right to see what’s happening in the room all over.

After several seconds, her gaze returns to us.

“Well, you two seem closer than I thought.”

“We’re sorry…we…did bad things…”

“Miss Priscilla, please forgive us.”

“Hmm? No, it’s only natural in kids at your age. Although doing it with your twin is rather questionable, it was quite an eye candy so I guess it is fine.”

I don’t quite get what Miss Priscilla meant but if she said it’s okay, then that’s good.

“I’ll just give you two warnings. Don’t you two ever dare do it other than with each other or if it isn’t someone you dearly love other than your parents, okay? Also, you two should keep this a secret to everyone. It is bad etiquette and a sensitive subject matter.”


“Or rather, you two should refrain from doing such act if possible. It’s addicting and it’s a system that is hard to remove. Understand?”


“Well, in the future, I could teach the two of you more about that mature stuff but right now, you two are still unripe fruits so better take care of each other.”

“”Understood Miss Priscilla!””

“And now, let’s get on to the real subject.”


“Don’t think I didn’t notice you two whipping a taste of that dish that I cooked earlier.”


Miss Priscilla is really invincible and from her tone, it seems we are going to have a considerable scolding and light punishment from her…

Special Chapter: Shared Pleasure 1

Rated 18+

This chapter will not be added into RRL.

Alstroe and I left the Astlan Castle where we should meet with Asagao but, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are now heading to the Dragon Capital. The only problem we have right now is that we are lost.

Alstroe just jumps and dashes without thinking and I just rode her back thoughtlessly. Before we knew it, we are already in a wasteland.

Alstroe is certain that this is the dragon continent but has no knowledge of its geography and locations of towns and cities. Never mind her, I am not even familiar with anything and this is my first time seeing such landscape.

Even though we travel at a fast pace, there are still situations that we need to stop and take a break due to my own limitations which I am ashamed of.

I get hungry, I get tired even though I am not the one who moves, and I need to pee at times. At sunset, Alstroe will deliberately stop to let me rest and sleep for the day. My hunger is being sated by animals that she hunts and cooked…terribly…

We only carry a small pouch of gold and a bag with my change of clothes so, therefore, sleeping in a tent with bedding is impossible but I don’t mind.


“Higan!~ Are you done eating?”

“Yes, although we really could use some seasoning or herbs to spice up the food. I want to hurry up and find Asagao and I know that you feel that same Alstroe but…because my body is still weak, I can’t keep up with lengthy travel.”

“That’s okay!~ I don’t want to endanger Higan’s health while we search for Asagao. She will definitely gonna scold us.”

“Un. I want to hug her as soon as possible.”

“Me too! She really loves hugs and pats after all!”



“I’m sleepy…”

“Yes!~ Come over here! I’m really sorry that I don’t have anything for you to sleep in…”

“Don’t mind it! I really love Alstroe’s warm body!”

“Ehehehe! You really love shoving your face into my chest.”


If Asagao is a soft and fluffy body pillow, then Alstroe is a bed overall with two bountiful pillows. Also, I get to bath in her strong yet, good aroma. Alstroe never sweats so there’s a weird but alluring fragrance coming out from her.

Asagao, on the other hand, smells the best early in the morning. Combined with sweet and young, flowery scent, it was a smell that turns me on. It’s actually embarrassing to tell it to her but since I have slept with her several times, there’s this instinct of mine that urges me to do something to her.

And so, Alstroe leans back in a tree and followed by lying on her body. She then pulls out a sheet and covers me with it. Her warmth stills my mind and the fabric of her clothes, the fluffiness that my heart feels; it makes me more comfortable and sleepy.

“Hummm!~ Hummm!~”

“Such beautiful humming…Alstroe…”

My mind surrender to the comfort my body feels and I enter the state of nothingness.




As we resume our travel, Alstroe and I stumble upon one city. The city has so many people but most of them stay on the side of the road. Most of the soldiers there seem out of place and some civilians are injured.

We both don’t have any idea what happened. We don’t even know the name of this city but, as soon as we set our foot here, there’s something bothering me.

There’s a violent and strong magical power not only one but three or even four of them inside this city. There are other several strong magic powers but they don’t stand out that much.

Because Alstroe’s magic power is almost non-existent, she cannot feel or sense them. I really don’t have any reason to mention it to her and I am confident that Alstroe is strong enough to defeat them.

Alstroe and I talk about what to do and we decided that we should find a long awaited stay at an inn for food and place to sleep. Today is the day I am going to have a proper rest, although I don’t mind sleeping with Alstroe.

“Is this the one that you felt, Cattleya?”

“Yes! Susanoo, it’s that little girl with fox ears and tails!”


In front of us, a tall and slender man with lethargic eyes ridden with black lines under it with pale lustrous skin appears in front of us. Next to him is a girl a bit taller than me with demon horns that curve inwards and beautiful red hair fashioned with rolls in front and back.

The most mesmerizing part of her is her chest. Even though we are nearly the same build, she has enormous breasts that she unknowingly presses against the man with lethargic eyes as she clings to his arm.

The girl called Cattleya is fine but, the man with her alerts my senses and made my instinct go wild. His presence is unbelievably unreal and it feels like he isn’t even human or any other races I knew. I already get it that he is an arcana magician but there’s more to it.

“I’m sorry…but…I’d like to…occupy the two of you…for a bit…”

“Hmm?~ Why why?”

“There’s…something I’d like…to confirm…”

“What is it?”

“What’s…your purpose…of visit…?”

“Um…Inn! We want to sleep in an inn today!”

“Inn…huh…you two are travelers then?”


“I see…Cattleya, let’s lead these two to the best inn in town.”

“Really, mister? You’re so kind!”

“When it comes to…the finding the most…comfortable and…cheap inn, I am expert in the subject matter.”

“What do you think, Higan?”

Because of Asagao’s absence, seems like I am the one who decides things. Alstroe’s decisions are sometimes unreliable. I am not saying that there is an ill intent on things she wants to do but she does think little of what will happen.

If Alstroe asks me, I think it’s a little shady but I guess we can see where he is going to take us.

“Okay. Mister, please take care of us.”


I don’t like this man. No…I don’t like men in general.

He is too eerie and even though he looks harmless, nauseating smell of blood comes out from him. Even if my beastly traits are below an average beast kin, I am still able to notice that. Alstroe can’t sense anything from him because of her lack of awareness due to her strength and inability to feel magic. She is also unaware of casual bloodlust and doesn’t know how to distinguish a blood bathed foe.

On the other hand, the girl with him, if I remember correctly, her name is Cattleya. My sight always strays towards her. She is damn cute and I want to feel how her breasts feel. It is solely because of her that I didn’t hesitate to affirm to his offer.

The two lead us towards the inn that they talk about.

On the way, we saw people rushing here and there to aid injured citizens. There are stalls but there are more people who use healing magic. I don’t know how healing magic works but their healing magic are quite stale compared to Asagao’s heal, though, her heal was gone.

Before we knew it, we stopped somewhere with thin pedestrian and a huge building in front of us stand. There’s a bed sign in the board indicating that this is indeed an inn.

“Here we are…from here on…you two can take care of yourselves…right?”

“Yes. Thank you…”

The man raised his hand and tries to gently place it in my head but…


“Oh…sorry…I didn’t mean to…agitate you…”


“I just…love children…that’s all…sorry…”

I don’t care if you are demon god or whatever! I don’t like to be casually touched with Alstroe and Asagao as an exception, of course.

I quickly grab Alstroe’s hand and drag her inside the inn wordlessly.

No good…

Astlan’s Ira might spill at this point if I don’t calm myself. That power is useful but it has its stupid downside. It erodes my mind into depravity and I hate that even though it greatly boosts my magic power and physical prowess. I don’t how I got this power but it comes out whenever my anger rises.

I use it as a temporary replacement for Divine Ascension but I still keep the power at bay by using it little by little in battle as it greatly drains my energy and burdens my mind with heavy stress.

It also messes with my dual thought process and overwrites mind berserk. It also breaks my concentration at times but I think I can use it efficiently if I am given time to train I need a new mentor in magic. Someone from the demon race will suffice as I want to know their magic system.

“Higan is weird. That man is trying to be nice.”

“Alstroe…Miss Cecille will be angry if she heard that you trust a stranger, you’ll get a mouthful of scolding.”

“Uwaaa! Higan is mean!”

“Hehehe, a flustered Alstroe is damn cute!”

“Buh! Higan you tease!”


I was able to still myself and became happier since seeing Alstroe flushed is bliss for me. I wanted to tease Cattleya too to see what kind of cute reaction she would show. Also, I want to fondle her breasts.


I’m itching to touch something now…




We are somehow accommodated into a good and luxurious room as requested by a scary but pretty maid…

I also noticed that that maid is also an arcana magician and I felt how vast her magic is. Since she came all the way to request a room for us and pay for it herself and she is pretty, I never nitpick any details about her.

And so, Alstroe and I are staying in a large and well lit single bed room. I specifically requested a single room with a large bed because I don’t want to be separated from Alstroe. I am already away from Asagao so I am not going to let Alstroe go away from me even in my sleep.

“Ahhh!~ The food was so tasty!”

“Indeed Alstroe. I ate so much too. They even serve deserts! How I wish Asagao to be here…”

“You really miss her…”

“Alstroe…I know…that you miss her more…”

“Eh? No way. Higan misses her more, right?!”

“No. Alstroe, you are Asagao’s first companion and friend. Surely you traveled longer with her and you miss her the most!”

“Then both of us miss her the most!”

“Hehehe. Alstroe has the most profound solution after all.”

“Hehe!~ Higan, since we had our fill, I guess we should turn in for the night.”


I stand up and retrieve my pajamas to change into. I undress and only left with my underwear so I felt a bit chilly. My eye immediately wanders towards Alstroe who just stare at me.

“W-What’s wrong Alstroe? You’re throwing off my composure…”

“Eh?! Eh..?! Umm… I just thought that…ahehehe…”


“I…I kind of wanted to see you naked…”

“Naked? I don’t see any reason not to in front of you but…you saw me naked in several instances, right?”

“Y-Yes…but…I just…felt wanting to see you…naked…”

“Buh! Alstroe, then you should get naked too!”

“Hmm? That’s fine I guess since I am being unfair.”

“Yes. Make sure the door is locked.”


And so, our nude fest begins from Alstroe weird request. I really don’t know what she is up to but from the way she fidgets, there must be something in her mind.

We stand in front of each other and stare at each other’s bare body.

For some reasons, my heart starts pounding and I feel like there’s a sweet but awkward atmosphere. I stare at Alstroe’s curvaceous enticing body, her well-endowed breasts, and her flawless white porcelain skin.

I’ve seen her naked many times before but I feel like today is special and my mind can’t get off the gutter.

“Alstroe…say something…”

“S-Sorry…for this selfish request…”


“You see… Big Sis Cecille taught me something… I don’t quite remember what it is called but it felt good…”


“And um… she taught me that because she said that…If I don’t want to ruin my own body…I need to know how…”


“I figured that…maybe I can do it with Higan…but…maybe not after all…”


It’s over… my instinct is taking over…


“I-I’m sorry…”

“Please sit in the bed.”

“Eh…?! Ah…Okay…”

“Spread your legs.”

“Wah?! Come again…”

“Spread your legs…”

From my words, Alstroe fiercely ignited in a blush that is too damn cute. She spread her legs in front of me even though she is quivering. Her scared and uncertain red face just made me more and more excited as my heart races.

My mind keeps telling me to do something to her lewd. My heart tells me the same thing. At this point, stopping would kill me inside so I will push further. I don’t know what we are doing but my head is fuzzy and I am acting on my body command.

I draw my face closer to her crotch and stare intently at the beautiful pinkish slit. It’s cute as it trembles a little and leaks out something. There are even a few strand of hairs at the top of the bulging thingy that I don’t know what it is called.

“H-Higan! What are you doing?! D-Don’t breath into there!”

“Alstroe…I want to inspect it closer. Please hold your hands against your chest. You might suddenly grab my head and tear it off from my torso.”

“Y-Yes… P-Please…be…be gentle…”

I stroke it up and down, the bulgy thing. I use my thumb to open and close the slit. Every time I do it, juices leaks out and Alstroe’s body jerks. Weird scent penetrated my nose and my mind becomes fuzzier.

Before my mind catches up to my body, I have already plunged my tongue inside the slit.



“H-H-H-H-HIGAN! Hyaa! S-Sto–! Hnnggh!” Wa-it–!”

More…I want to hear Alstroe’s voice more!

“Hyaa! Hngggh! Ahh! No…! Wai—! “

I explore inside the slit like an adventurer!

Moving my tongue all around while slurping all the juices that leak out from it, I also aggressively attacks the bulgy thing as it seems sensitive too and when I did…

“Hyaaah!!! S-Something is… coming!!”

As I look up, Alstroe’s eyes are teary and…she is sweating like a waterfall. Her face is redder than ever from ear to ear. She faithfully held her hand in her chest. Her pink nipples are erect and her body spasms.

I can feel my crotch getting wet too and I find myself sweating and panting too.

Now, Alstroe’s default scent mixed with her sweat and juices destroyed what little left of my reasoning and my hand immediately reaches out for her breasts.

As my hand lands on her breasts, her body jerks again as I play with it and lightly pinch her erect nipples.

“Hyaa…Hngghhh! H-Higan! It’s…It’s really going to—Hyaa! Come!!”

I stop.

Before that thing she kept saying actually comes, I stop.

Her face is bewildered as she painfully peeks to me with her teary eyes.


“Alstroe, how do you feel?”


“I really don’t know!~”

“Uwaah…! Higan…! Please…! It…Itches…!”

“Alstroe, you need to tell me upfront or I won’t continue.”

“Geez! You’re such a tease!”

“Alstroe is cute after all.”

“And I am the older one here…”

“So, what exactly do you want?”



“M-Make me feel good…please…”

“Hmm…it’s kind of lacking.”

“Hurry up! Please!”


“Please Higan, make me feel good! I want you to make me feel good! Please, hurry up!”

“Hehehe, Alstroe is such a good girl.”


I plunge my tongue again in the slit and lick it all over. Juices from her have far longer drenched the bed and some of it spills into my face as I suck it. I remove one of my hands from teasing her breast and flick the bulgy thing.

“Noo!!! It’s too much! Higan! It’s here! I’m coming…!”


Something actually came spurting into my face and all over the floor. I feel so happy making Alstroe like this. Her back arches as she squirts juices. After it subsides, her arched back lay down into the bed again as it still spasms from so much pleasure.

I don’t know why but it looks so erotic. Alstroe’s flushed teary eyes and panting face. She tries to catch her breath as she sprawls on the bed that she herself drenched.



“That felt…so amazing…! I feel like my mind melted at that moment and I feel ecstatic. The way you move your tongue was so amazing…!”

“I’m glad…”

“So now…you’re next!”


My hand was mercilessly pulled and I was gently slammed in the bed.

“Eh..? Eh…?!”

“Higan made me feel good so it’s my turn to do the same!”

“Wa-Wait! This position is embarrassing!”

Alstroe raises my hips in the air and pulled my crotch closer to her face. This is really embarrassing because she will see how wet it is! I can already feel know how she felt earlier.

“Higan is so cute too. This coochie of yours is leaking out too.”


“Thanks for the meal!”


A jolt immediately runs down in my spine as she plunges her own tongue into my thing. The sensation is so strong that I thought my mind melted. Drools overflow from my mouth because of the pleasure that I am feeling and my eyes become fuzzy as tears forms.

My hand flings backward and grabs anything it could. I think I grabbed the bed sheet firmly in my hand as the unstoppable rain of pleasure invaded my body.

“Alstroe…! No…good…! I’m turning into an idiot…!”

Her tongue didn’t stop investigating my insides. She just playfully slid it all over the opening of my crotch.

I don’t know what’s happening anymore!

It feels good! It feels so good!

“More…! Morshhee… Lishck isht morshee…”

“Higan, your speech is becoming slurred.”

“Hnngghh! Hyaah! Ahh!~”

“Hmm. I wonder what will happen to you when I do this.”

As my mind processed what she just said, I felt something at the root of my tail.


No way…


Alstroe caresses it!

My body immediately spasms from it as she touches the most sensitive part of me!

“Noo! Alstroe!!! That’s not fair!!!!”

“Tickle, tickle!”

“Noo! Please…! Hyaa! Hnngghhh! Ahhh!!”

The bed sheet that I am grabbing tore and I flail my feet violently as the infinite of pleasurable jolts completely halted my thinking.

“Noo! Noo! Hnngghh!” Noo!!!”

“Higan is super cute when you show your emotions.”

It’s over…

My chest grew hotter and my ragged breath and labored breathing become more intense. Her words snap my last defense from the wave of pleasure.


My mind goes blank, my body jerks and my back arches as juices rains down from my cooch. I can’t utter any word as I’m drowned in the sea of pleasure. Drool, sweat and juices mixes but my mind cannot respond anymore.

It’s slowly become darker and darker as I felt too good…

To be continued.

Chapter Extra: We are the Santa Claus!

“Eh?! Something like that existed here?!”

“Yes, Asagao! I don’t how but it has already existed a long time ago! Christmas!”



I’m currently talking to Alstroe about an upcoming event in this world and that is Christmas in her house in Nanab Harbor Town.

Snow has already invaded the surrounding and chilly breeze wafts everywhere. Cape of white covers the land as the season of winter enters and autumn ceases.

It’s roughly three years ago now since we completely sealed the Passage of Evil and destroyed the Red Moon with Alstroe’s Nirvana Ascension. That also includes Nil’s peaceful farewell as my Blooming Thorn completely purifies him and lifted the curse of revision.

I forgot about such things as Christmas and never bothered to mention anything about it since everyone became busy after the crisis.

The new city being built in the center continent is still flourishing and the Prestigious Academy which was established there started teaching every outstanding student that came from all over the world either started studying there as freshmen or transferred there from their own respective academies in their cities.

Also, Priscilla was chosen to be the headmaster of the said Prestigious Academy.  Incidentally, the former demon lord, Cattleya, was hired to teach magic there. Alstroe was also hired to teach arithmetic…which I can think it’s okay…

The restoration of the Dragon Capital Mujinn was going smoothly when Mito was hailed as the new Dragon Emperor taking Teacher Rose as his bride and partner for life.

And much more happened as the years passes by.



“So, what are we supposed to do Alstroe-nee?!”

“I want to spread happiness!”

“That’s so like you…”

“It says in the tradition, on the eve of that day, gifts are given! I want to give gifts to all our friends Asagao! I’m really happy to have so many friends!”

“Ah! But you have to give them while sleeping!”

“Don’t worry! We can just use that!”

“…Fine…I’ll go along with your idea. What about the gifts?”

“Oh! Please, help Asagao!”

“Haa…It can’t be helped then.”



I sighed as Alstroe’s idea was a bit lacking.

But it’s nice that she wanted to do this because she has so many friends and is happy about it. I’m also happy to meet everyone and I feel blessed with all of their support that they have given to me in hard times.

And so, I helped Alstroe in thinking of gifts for each people we know. We also thought about the costume we are going to wear.

When Cecille saw us racking our brains about it, she gladly help us out too using her connections. I love her being considerate in bringing teas and delicious cake to us as we painstakingly discuss about this.

Cecille seems to be aware of Christmas too but she also said that it is rarely celebrated in this world because of the necessities needed to spend on it.

The three of us racked our brains in thinking of what appropriate gift would be good to give everyone until the sun has set and rises.





The night came and Alstroe and I have already prepared all of the things we need!

Well, it’s just the gifts and costume.

For me, I wear a loose fitting Santa themed garments and skirt. My bare shoulder is exposed and my navel is showing…it’s a bit embarrassing. Underneath it is my black dragon tank top. I also wear red shoes themed with my own black dragon knee socks the covers up onto my legs. There’s also a Santa hat and a big with red and green color as props.

I’m the santa…

As for Alstroe, she also wears the matching type of dress with me but it is virtually different. It’s brown life a fur. Instead of wearing a Santa hat, she wears antlers on her head and hooves like gloves and shoes. She also wears knee socks which are white in color.

She is the reindeer…



“I-It’s a bit embarrassing…”

“You look so cute, Asagao!!!”

“It’s showing too much skin!”

“Ehh… but whatever you say now…we need to continue…”

“I am not backing down!”

“Then, let’s start going around the world!”


“Can we… use ascension like how you did it to me…back then…? Please…Asagao…”




My face becomes hotter as my mind started spinning.



“Alstore-nee…that,! That was because it was an emergency!”




She pleaded to me with moist eyes and flushed cheeks.

Back when we needed to destroy the Red Moon, Alstroe’ Nirvana wasn’t enough to destroy it and something weird happened that made her faint when she was flying towards the red moon even though she can’t see it.

As a result, I told Ichirou to fling me towards Alstroe who becomes unconscious.

As I got to her, I tried using Divine Ascension to her but…it wasn’t doing anything. The method to forcefully pass the Divine Ascension to someone as Senya thought me is through bodily fluid…

So, yeah… it seems Alstroe remembered that…



“Please…? Asagao…?”

“Ah..! I… Geez… You’re so spoiled!”




Alstroe closes her eyes and anticipates my next move.

I drew my face closer to her while blushing fiercely and heart pounding so much.





“[Nirvana Ascension!]”



With that skill, Alstroe can move as fast as light and freely travel wherever we want to without disturbing anyone or anything as it muffles every sound and the natural law of physics is defied.

Our first stop is the Elven Capital Leak in the Land of Greenwood.

We have three targets at that place…actually…four…

Alstroe and I soar through the sky. She holds me in her own embrace with a princess carry as we leaps and jumps as the two moons watch over us.

Not even ten minutes passed and we arrived at the elven capital’s white house. We entered the balcony of a certain room and stealthily unlock it. There’s a huge bed at the center of the room.

We walk towards it and saw the cute sleeping faces of Casablanca and Hibiscus holding hands as they softly breathe under the cover of a blanket with intricate designs.

I took out two gifts from my dimensional storage and carefully place it on the table top beside their bed.

For Casablanca, we left a huge plush doll of a bear and for Hibiscus is a large plush doll of a bird, rather, a phoenix that greatly resembles her spirit summoned beast.

I look at Alstroe and signals that we are done here so we should move to the next room of the target, the Elven Queen Hinoki.

We sneak around the whole place and found the room we are looking for. It took us several minutes to find it…

When we found it, we sneakily open the door and tip toe our way to her bed where she sleeps. I took out another gift and lay it beside her.

It’s a set of dress with frilly and cute swirl designs. This much should be okay since whatever I do, she looks like she is just in her early twenties. Also, it has an undergarment that could hold her humongous breasts that beat Alstroe’s breasts.

I gave her another thumb up and move to the last target for this place.


He was living under Elven Queen Hinoki’s care for some… I don’t know…illicit reasons?!

Anyway, sneaking into Susanoo’s room is no joke.

Is what I thought but when we found his room which is only next to Queen Hinoki’s room, he was sleeping soundly.

In a hurry, I immediately took out the large heavenly pillow that will sink anyone’s head into comfort and promptly left with Alstroe.



“Alstroe-nee… that kind of gave me a fright…”

“I know right… he is one of the people who can spar with me on equal footing after all…”

“Well… not in your Nirvana Ascension…”

“L-let’s go now!”




We head out again and soar to the sky. Our next stop is The Thousand Island of the beast’s capital. We are headed to the fox manor for Higan and Izuna.

And so, we infiltrated the manor and heads to Higan’s room first.

We arrive at the front of her door and slide it and enter it.

Higan is laying on a futon with flower designs and for the first time, I get to see Higan sleeping sloppily…

She wears a traditional kimono with red spider lily designs. It was unruly and wrinkled because of Higan sleep. Her Kimono is loosely worn and in her chest, two mounds are peeking and her nine tails are spread out on her back.

Higan, in just three years, develops a really erotic body.

But that’s not what Higan all have. She can use Astlan’s Ira now casually and mastered its use. She also became the new Beast Queen but due to her young age, Izuna mostly does the work for her assisted by the previous king, Folga.

I didn’t prepare any gift for her because Alstroe said she will.

So Alstroe comes closer to her side and drop something off beside her and immediately carried me out.



“Alstroe-nee…what did you gave her?”





And so, we proceed to the master of the House, Izuna. It was located on the far side, opposite of Higan’s room and slides it…



“Oh, my? A night visitor this late night?”





Alstroe and I both froze on the spot…

Izuna was awake and is currently staring at us while she sips a sake from her cup.




“Princess Asagao and Miss Alstroemeria? To see me in such manner, I am quite embarrassed. Anyway, do you two needs something from me?”




We explained to her what we are doing at this time of an hour. When we did, she just giggles and looks at us with warm eyes.



“I’m really sorry for this…”

“It’s nothing to me. This Manor of us Foxes is yours too, Princess Asagao. More importantly, I am glad that I am also receiving a gift from you.”

“Yes! Here, please take it.”

“Thank you. Can I open it now?”




I handed Izuna a gift with a square shape.

She graciously and beautifully opens the gift wrapping…

As she gazes at the gift she receives, she broke out into tears upon seeing the portrait…



“Princess Asagao… did you.. drew this?”


“I see…thank you…thank you very much… I’ll treasure this for the rest of my life!”

“I’m happy that you liked it.”



What I gave to Izuna is a drawn portrait of Astlan Lionheart which image is still strong in my mind as mother showed me his memory fragment.

Izuna clearly wants to see Astlan again, even though Astlan didn’t loved Izuna like how he loved mother and just used her to satisfy his longing for someone when mother was imprisoned in the celestial world.

And so, after a few more exchange, we left the fox manor.

Our next top is the newly built city in the middle continent where all races can gather at one place. Our first destination is the academy where Priscilla stays…

We just kind of like dropped off the gift outside the balcony of Priscilla because we both had our fair share of experience with her, me and Alstroe.

It was an ink well pen with flower designs.

I don’t hate Priscilla… I like her too but… she is just too much for me sometimes…

After that, we head to a certain bar made of stone bricks and fine wood managed by someone.

We open the door and saw the man cleaning and wiping drinking cups.



“Asagao?! Alstroemeria?! Wha–?!”

“Hi there, Ichirou-nii!”

“Ichi, Ichi! How are you?!”



We casually sat on the wooden circular chair in front of Ichirou and told him what we are up to.

Since Alstroe’s Nirvana Ascension isn’t disabled yet, Ichirou made a slight glance.




“Don’t worry, Ichi, Ichi! We are just here to give you a gift!”



I took out a bottle of Liquor.

It’s expensive a liquor said by Cecille. She knows better than us what a good drink is and she has been a good drinking buddy of Ichirou so she most likely knows what he wants.



“This is..?!”

“Ah. Please don’t tell us what it is, we are not that really interested…”

“Ahahaha…can I taste it now?!”

“No…please, store it somewhere safe for now.”




He did as we told him and went at the back of the store where he stores all of his collections of alcohol. When he came back, he threw a questioning gaze at us.



“Ichirou-nii, we have a request for you.”

“What is it?”

“We need you right now as a gift.”

“Eh..? Eh?!”



Alstroe moves promptly at a speed Ichirou can’t perceive!

With a chop at the back of his neck, he fainted because of Alstroe’s absurd strength.



“Goal achieved!”

“Let’s go Alstroe! Tie him up with the special lace! It’s good thing this place is deserted as usual, though!”



After tying Ichirou with a laced ribbon like a gift, Alstroe carries him by grabbing on foot while we soar to the sky as tightly clings to her back.

Our next destination is the Land of Mana Gathering, the demon continent. To the City of Niflheim!

Leap and soar and leap and soar!

We arrive at the City of Niflheim at the house of the governor, Gria Hellbeing…who is absent now because he is in the demon capital.

We snuck at Diyu’s room.

What we saw from outside the window, she was cuddling a deformed monster plush as she wears an erotic nightgown made of silk.

Her bare white skins show and her beautiful blond hair scatter in her bed.

We open the window and carefully lay the unconscious Ichirou beside her and left immediately while giggling like we made another great prank.

Diyu senses the new existence of someone beside her and lets go of the plush and hugs Ichirou instead. She even locks Ichirou between her thighs as she clings to him.

I skip giving something to Gria because I don’t have the slightest idea of what to give to him so we immediately head to the fairy continent, the Rainforest of Healing.

The All Girls Mansion of Astlan hidden deep inside a forest where everything is self-sufficient and everyone is strong.

We prioritize delivering the gift to Master Senya but…


As expected of Master Senya…we cannot sneak up on her!



“Asagao, Alstroemeria, what are you two doing?”



Senya spoke as she brushes her strawberry platinum hair and looks at us from afar while sitting on her wheelchair.

I brought out a huge container that contains sweets.



“Master Senya, have you ever heard of Christmas?”

“Ah, yes! We just celebrated that earlier and now everyone is sleeping because of tiredness.”

“Eh? Then I don’t have anything to explain! Please receive this!”

“What…is this?”

“Sweets! We baked them together! We know Master Senya and everyone here is not materialistic.”

“My! You know us very well Asagao!~ I’ll gladly accept this and share it with everyone first thing in the morning!”

“Also, Master Senya, could you…give this to Baccara-nee?”

“Oh? This is…?”

“A ribbon!”

“Oh..my… then…I shall… it’s her favorite accessory after all.”

“We’re really sorry for disturbing you.”

“Not in the slightest! In fact, I am happy that you are here! How was your training?”

“Un. Going pretty well… I guess…”

“Geez. Just come to me anytime if you needed to train Calm Dragon Tempest – Counter, okay?”

“Ahahaha…I need to train my use of spear too.”

“Shouta and Miss Shouko should be awake… now…you know…passionately and intimately…”

“Ah! Stop! I know! Just please…give them their share in the morning!”


“Then, we will take our leave now!”


“Yes. We still have more to deliver.”

“Okay! Take care!”



Alstroe and I left the Mansion and leaps towards the vast continent of Valley of the Ancients. We are not going directly to the capital but rather, to the large ravine that leads to the sea.



“Asagao, are we heading there now?”

“Yes, I at least wanted to give something to Merissa.”

“You led a fleet of seventy-two ships of pirates three years ago.  They call you captain, right?”

“Stop! I don’t want to remember that I am their captain!”



We landed on a very large pirate ship where Merissa is the leader. We immediately sneak on her cabin.

Her cabin is a luxurious wooden room with pirate feels into it. A single bed on the side caught our attention.

As we peek, Merissa is sleeping soundly.

A girl who is just a bit taller than me with short pointed ears but has an astounding strength. She is one of the old generation dwarves that said to be smiths who can temper soul weapons.

She sleeps soundly and peacefully while her mouth spills drool.

This might just be a small trinket for anyone but I left a cute ribbon accessory beside her. I remembered when she told me that she is too boyish and wanted to be a bit more feminine.

This was the only thing that came to my mind…

And so, we left the ship and proceeds to the next location.

The Dragon Capital Mujinn!

I know too made elder dragons here and giving them all gifts would be too tiring so I’ll just prioritize giving Mito, Rose, Dreg, and Ruri.

We just left the gift outside the window of Mito and Rose…

We can hear passionate moaning from outside their room…

It was a couple scarf.

It’s simple but Teacher Rose always wanted something to warm her up on cold days.

We then infiltrated to Dreg’s room.

But the problem is he is wide awake, staring at the moon outside from his window.

And…he noticed me staring… so I had no other choice but to approach him.



“Dreg…Merry Christmas.”




“Are we…a hindrance?”

“Not really.”


“A gift?”



I handed him a gift-wrapped book. It’s a book about the marine ecosystem of this world which is rare since exploring underwater isn’t well known.

He accepts it and made a slight bow in thanks.

We left as it is.



“Ueeh…Asagao…he was so quiet and stern…”

“He’s really nice! Alstroe-nee, he is really nice, you know!”

“If you say so…”



Next is to Ruri’s room.

As we enter from the balcony of her room and enters, we saw her curling up in her bed.

Her ears perk up but immediately drop down together with her tail.

I quietly left the gift for her and left soundlessly.

Ruri feared death the most because of her experiences but she manages to steel herself in the face of the war. She helps out despite trembling at the face of the enemy that could lead to her death.

I gave her a ring with magic enhancement of good luck to keep her away from danger and to always keep her safe.

I hope that her quivering and wavering heart despite all the bravado she showed, will melt and may she receive happiness.



“Asagao…that girl…”

“Alstroe-nee…she’s younger than me… but I know what she’s going through.”

“I see… she’s cute.”

“She has a foul mouth, though.”




And so, we go to the last destination, the Astlan Kingdom.

We made our way to Edelweiss and Lily’s room. We both gave them a matching bracelet with each other’s name engraved on it.

They do like each other…from Lily’s perspective…

I don’t know…it’s a bit complicated…

Lily is a yuri girl who likes Edelweiss and deeply cares for her but Edelweiss is oddly attracted to Susanoo.

Well…moving on…

We sneak into Violetta’s room but she is not there. She must be in the library doing a late night research.

I just left her gift in her bed.

It’s also a drawn portrait of…Master.

I am quite confident with my hands after all.

After that, I immediately go to the inner room inside her room and saw that.




“Cyranthus?! You’re still awake?!”



The small, cute and fluffy girl at age of three runs up to me!

She stumbles a little but I caught her immediately. She immediately clings to me and rubs her soft cheeks to mine.

Violetta’s and Master Mrothgir’s daughter.




“Ah! So cute!”



Her soft black hair tickles my cheeks and her violet pupils gaze at me with admiration. I unconsciously hug her into my chest again.



“Asagao! Let met hold her too! Come here Cyranthus!”

“Alstroe-nee…you are still in Nirvana Ascension…”


“More importantly, Cyranthus, you should be sleeping!”



I lay down the cute Cyranthus on the bed. I told her to sleep but she shakes her head left and right.



“Asagao-nee…please stay…”




My heart!

She is so cute!

I want to nudge her soft cheeks and pat her head. Her innocent stare tickles my big sister heart and I just want to cuddle up and sleep with her.

What’s Violetta doing anyway?

And so, Alstroe and I stayed there humming to her so she can fall asleep. The problem is she is holding my hand and doesn’t want to let go even in her sleep.

She really misses me since I started living with Alstroe.

I heartbreakingly remove her hand to mine and left the gift beside her.

It’s a complete set of cold protection from gloves to ear muffs to warm socks!

I really want to bring her with me but… Violetta got angry at me when she discovered that I can use Divine Ascension on her!


And so, we left towards our last target…

Ashfon Astlan Lionheart…

We stood at the front of his door…



“Alstroe-nee… you said that you have your gift for Fon-nii!”

“I do!”

“Umm…where is it?”

“…Right here.”



I tried to look around but there was nothing… I don’t have any gifts left for anyone in my dimensional storage or anything.



“Fonfon said you are being a bit distant to him lately…”




I slowly turn my heels away from Alstroe…



“Caught you!”

“Alstroe-nee! You double-crossing idiot!”

“Geez! If Fonfon gets weaker because he is depressed, he cannot put up a good fight!”


“So here!~”



She brought out a red laced ribbon.






She immediately ties my body like a gift with it!

I cannot resist that strength!



She covered my mouth with the ribbon.




“Okay!~ See you Asagao!~”




She opens the door and quietly brings me beside the sleeping Fon!

I flail my body desperately but I stopped as she lay me down beside him!



“Be his hugging pillow now!~ Bye!~”




Alstroe left quietly and I can only stare angrily at her!

Fon who is sleeping beside me hugs me.

My mind becomes a mess when he presses his body to me.



“That’s Alstroemeria for you. That’s why I truly respect her as a warrior!”




His awake?!



“Of course I am awake.”


“Nighty night too Asagao!~”



That’s not what I meant!



And so, being tricked like that, I was used as hugging pillow for the whole night.


Later, I discovered that the gift Alstroe gave to Higan is one of my used underwear. Higan was so delighted and happy as she…


Merry Christmas everyone, okay?!